From where each mobile apps came from?

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Right now, almost every adult individual in Poland own mobile phone. Nothing weird in that, because firms, which are offering deals for telecommunication, are giving us entirely new models for a song.

Closely regulations about medical devices

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Pharmaceutical corporations are dozens times more observed then any other sort of groups. Nothing weird in this, cause individuals who are manufacturing and distributing medicals, are answerable for condITion and sometimes even existence, of another human beings.

You are an investor? Begin to cooperate with Russia

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Nowadays, when Poland became part of European Union, a lot of things had modify. We are able to work outside our borders or often to offer our products without any special permissions.

Sell your goods in Russia in simple way

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At the moment in Poland there are far more corporations then ever earlier. Most people, who want to be their own directors, are trying very hard in own firm. When you're producing any goods, like food, machines, even liquors, you can also distribute it outside border.

You want to sell goods in Russia? You need GOST certificate

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In present times, most borders are available for Polish investors. People who are leading their companies, often wish to develop, and create different agencies to be able to sell their goods in different countries.